Starting a new relationship is pretty fun. It’s exciting and an adventure. There is an edge of mystery that surrounds the other person that excites us. The person you are beginning to date has his or her own life and experiences and it’s up to you to find out all you can about him or her. It’s like an Indiana Jones movie without all the poison arrows.

As you get to know the other person, you discover more about him or her. You find out what that person likes or dislikes. All this builds up to the next level, where you eventually discover the sexual mysteries of the other person. That first encounter can be great. Not only are you engaging in a fun activity, but you’re also exploring a new world in the other person. You have to be thorough and inquisitive in order to discover what excites him or her, and what doesn’t.

For many couples, keeping this excitement and mystery is one of the harder aspects of being in a relationship. It can be quite difficult after a few months or years, depending on the couple. Having an open relationship is one thing that couples sometimes do that may be helpful in maintaining a good relationship.

What Is An Open Relationship?

It’s a type of relationship that can be defined in a couple of ways, but in the most basic sense, it means that you are not being monogamous with your partner.

Some people choose to have an open relationship where they are the principal couple. They love each other and their hearts belong to the other, but sometimes they have sex with other people, while not becoming emotionally attached to the others they are sleeping with. They do this in hopes of keeping their sex life more exciting with the person they love.

In another type of open relationship, there is no commitment to the other as far as love is concerned. It really is a pure open relationship where they each can see, and sleep with, whomever they want.

Important Considerations

It’s important to remember the saying, “to each his own”, and to not judge. Everyone is different. Everyone is at a different stage in his or her life and everyone wants, needs or is looking for something just a little bit different. The most important thing you can do when in a relationship is to be honest with your partner. An open relationship can be helpful to a couple, or it might not be. But only the couple, and not society, can decide.

Nowadays, more and more people find themselves in the middle of an open relationship. Some of them want the open relationship while others have to accept it just because the partner wants it and they love him or her too much in order not to accept it. The situation is slowly turning into a phenomenon. A lot of people realize that they don’t understand what the open relationship really is, even though they are involved in one.

An open relationship is one that involves two people who love each other or simply like each other and care about one another. Even though they share a house, they are married and have children the partners accept the other to seek other sexual partners. The open relationship refers to the romantic involvement of two persons who agree to sexually get involved with others. There is nothing wrong with open relationships as long as both partners agree the situation. A lot of people consider these relationships as being unhealthy and unacceptable, especially if the partners have children, as they consider that the little ones are receiving bad examples. However, there are plenty of people who believe exactly the contrary and who consider the open relationships as being as healthy and acceptable as possible.

The only problem with these relationships is that not in every case both partners decide that the open relationship is a good idea at the same time. There are numerous married people and their spouses insist, after years of marriage, to also see other people. For some, it is very difficult, almost impossible to accept such a situation, while others see this as being the spark that was missing to their marriage. All those who want the open relationship have different reasons to think about a second sexual partner. In some cases, the open relationship comes as the salvation of the existing marriage, but there also are cases in which one of the partners gives an ultimatum to the other one: the partner either accepts the open relationship or there will be no relationship at all.

Why should society embrace these relationships and why should they be accepted? Well, if the decision is a mutual one, then this can transform into a much needed change in a marriage that was fast heading towards divorce as the partners were simply too bored with each other. It is not something strange to hear about a couple that they need something new in their life. After they experience sex with other persons, they realize that there is nobody who understands and complements them as good as their old partner, so they become monogamous and never want the open relationship again. The reason why these open relationships should be accepted is the fact that people often feel the need of new, the need to experiment and do something they have never done before. Imposing limits and rules is not the solution, as they will find a way to break them and in the end, somebody gets really hurt emotionally speaking!

Types of Polyamory Relationships

In the past few years, we have heard more and more people talking about polyamorous relationships. It seems that this is turning into almost a trend, as men and women feel attracted to the idea of entering a polyamorous relationship. Their reasons are quite different! Some want to take revenge on a partner who has been caught cheating, some feel a thrill and an excitement that they have never felt before, while others simply want to live their life to the fullest and experiment as much as possible. A polyamorous relationship is any relationship that involves more than 2 persons. There are numerous types of such relationships and the only element they have in common is the fact that the people who are involved in such a relationship love each other.  Let’s now find more about the types of polyamorous relationships.

A recent study has shown the fact that the triads represent the most common type of polyamorous relationships. There are two subtypes of triads: the one in which a man and two women are involved and the one in which two men and a woman are involved. A third subtype of triads is the one formed of homosexual people, so all the persons involved in such a triad are of the same gender. The triads can be characterized as being regular or hinge. In a regular triad, the two same gender persons involved are bisexual, while in a hinge triad, the two same gender persons involved are heterosexual, while the third person is the ‘’hinge’’ and also the one who keeps the relationship strong. What is strange about the hinge triad is the fact that the same gender persons may love each other only as siblings or as friends and they have sexual and romantic relationships only with the hinge.

The polygamous relationships are the ones in which a man and two women are involved. The man is the one who has a relationship with both women and in most cases, the women don’t even know about the each other’s existence. The same situation in which a woman and two men are involved is known under the name of polyandrous relationship.

The clan relationships represent another type of polyamorous relationships. The clan involves at least two men and two women and usually appears from the desire of all those who are involved in the clan to sexually experiment.

The chain relationships also represent a type of polyamorous relationships. They are very special, as they involve more than one generation. Such relationships start as triads or as clans and then evolve into something bigger and expand to chains. Over time, there is an entire chain of people who belong to several generations but who live together and love each other.

Last but not least, the open relationships and the closed relationships come to close the list of polyamorous relationships. In an open relationship, two people love each other; they are even married and have children but are allowed to seek other sexual partners. The closed relationships are also known as monogamous and the two persons involved do not seek for other romantic or sexual partners.

The Benefits of an Open Relationship

When it comes to relationships, we sometimes don’t want to deal with the commitment side of things, and would like to keep our options open. This isn’t age related, nor does it mean that one person doesn’t care about the other. It’s simply a statement that you both would like to keep your options open to help determine if a true connection is actually there. However, there are some drawbacks that come with open relationships. Keep these couple of pointers in mind before heading into a non-committed affair.

1)      They Can Always Hang Out With Someone Else – Relationships that leave the options open to both parties means that there’s bound to be someone else involved with the person you’re involved with. Remember this when a Friday night comes around and you want to hang out with that person. You can’t take offense to the fact that they aren’t around to hang out, no matter how long you’ve had this open format for.

2)      Less Cuddle, Less Talk – Open relationships aren’t about sharing your deepest secrets, or taking the time to get to know each other. They are simply about one thing in general, sex. While there are often situations where both parties will talk and cuddle and do things that regular relationships do, the other party is never obligated to do so. Make sure you have a clear agreement on what your relationship is going to involve, or you may get a little hurt.

3)      No Reason to End It – Committed relationships always end for a reason. Whether it’s cheating, or disagreements, or just a loss of interest, there’s going to be a reason. It’s not uncommon for someone in an open relationship to end things “just because”. You can’t expect that this form of non-commitment wouldn’t come with the possibility of the other party being interested in something more serious with someone else, or simply not wanting to be in an open relationship with you. There is no reason necessary for someone to end this kind of relationship, and you’re not allowed to even demand one.

4)      Emotions need to be Communicated – If you start to develop intense feelings for someone, you need to let them know and not keep it locked up. The thought of the other person being with someone else will begin to eat you up inside,  and you need to either take the open relationship to something a little more formal, or simply put an end to it before you get hurt.